Doctors & Nurses, meet the management software you have been waiting for

At Halza, we understand what medical professionals need. We specifically crafted a management system for clinics that helps you build strong and meaningful relationships with your patients.
Halza is a time-saving, revenue-generating solution that can be easily integrated into your work process. No need to replace your current IT system

Save time and energy while building meaningful relations with your patients

  • Halza offers a new way to take care of your patients
  • Access their records (imagery, data …) and see a more complete medical history of your patient, stored all in one place
  • Communicate easily with other specialists and health staff who follow the patient
  • Send appointment reminders or encouragement
  • Set medicine refill reminders
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Start using Halza features

Speech-to-text notes, room & staff availability management, access to patient data 24/7

Communicate with your patients

Send messages or unique health Emojis to encourage them to stay on track.


All of your patients’ data, gathered

With Halza, you can create and edit patient profiles, upload their medical files (including Dicom, image and text formats) and find complete medical histories, in one location. Our platform gives you a fuller understanding of your patients which ensures better care.

Easy Clinic Management

Our online solution helps you optimize different offices & services of your  clinic, medicine stocks and staff resources in one click.


Optimized Customer Relationship Management

Communicate with your patients by sending them creative health Emojis and messages or appointment reminders directly to their mobile phone.

Our Speech-to-text note feature makes your consultation process quicker and more efficient.